Lion Token



Hello everyone! here are some of my lion token product photo shoot for lion token banner for their web.

In case you do not know what Lion Token is,  

Lion Token is a high speed encryption device with a wide range of applications only limited by your imagination. A rich set of applications is delivered with Lion Token out of the box. Lion Token is the security engine for CompuSec Ultimate Edition a leading  PC endpoint security solution. Lion Token is used as the security engine for Private WEB  a new web security solution for closed user groups using web sites as communication media. Lion Token is the solution for hardware based VPN solutions. OEM customers and programmers can integrate Lion Token into their own solutions and enhance their products significantly with a wide range of security features.  



The Lion Token casing is of solid metal, which makes it extremely robust however it has its elegant and exclusive look. It is merely 79mm long, 22 mm wide and 9mm thick and comes with an extension cable, useful if you don’t want to insert it directly into the USB connector. 



to know more about Lion Token please visit their website at

and I hope you liked the banners! have a nice day everyone! and do not forget to buy some of my bikini collections at


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